From the episode Besties Share Everything.


Belle and Sara is more than just good friends, they like to jump into bed with each other as well. They also share their possessions like sisters and that include boys. That turned out to be a sweet deal for this particular dude as he got blown by both of these teen hotties. He could also alternate between tapping their pussies and they got down on their knees willingly when it was time to shoot his load. You can see them accept the facial with a smile below :)


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dukebeta says:

proud of you. stand up to the jerks who do not recognize an nentreprenuer when they see one. Dukies have always been individualist!!!!

dukebeta says:

go for it babe. Be all you can be

Reddwarf says:

What? Intelligent person making her own way without asking for a handout, doing something she enjoys, all the while being sexy cute and not hurting a anyone? Well, why doesn’t half the country just go lose their freaking shit over this, then. Brava, young woman and I hope you keep your individualistic spirit your whole life.

jim says:

dont worry what the world thinks it doesnt matter. and in time forgotten. I have had two friends that put themselves through school and got ahead in life the same way. one is a prestigious surgeon and the other a corporate executive of a major company. both virtually debt free and living well..

john says:

Did not know those two beauties, accidently discovered them through another site, how hot they look…wow !!

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